Oliver Irving Moldow


Oliver Moldow is an interdisciplinary researcher at ZHA Code in London. He received his Master's of Science ITECH at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. He has collaborated with and received support from the Material Programming Group ICD, Programmable Mud MIT, the Harvard GSD, Autodesk (Builder in Residence 2023), and the Norman Foster Foundation (NFF Energy Scholar 2022).

Previously, he received his Bachelors from UC Berkeley in Design Across Scale (a degree spanning architecture, engineering, and industrial design advised by Nicholas de Monchaux). During which, he printed spanning structures with the Flexible Structures Lab, implemented the Bottery with Emerging Objects, and constructed data-driven sculptures with UC Berkeley Art Practice for use in The Catherine Clark Gallery and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.


Utilizing novel computational methods to access timber’s inherent shape-changing properties, HygroShell showcases the design, engineering, and robotic production of a full-scale, long-spanning, lightweight shell made from flat-packed components curved in situ. Each component contains architectural, structural, and kinetic faculties embedded into its flat state, actuating on site to produce a curved, shingle-clad, interlocked geometry.

HygroShell was deployed at the University of Stuttgart and the Chicago Architecture Biennial 2023.

ITECH 21/22 Studio led by Dylan Wood, Axel Körner, Kenryo Takahashi, and Laura Kiesewetter

Images: ICD/ITKE
©Oliver Moldow 2024

Collaborators and Clients:

NealFeay, Zaha Hadid Architects, Autodesk, Colorado Health Foundation, Emerging Objects, UC Berkeley Art Practice